Friday, July 5, 2013

Is Slightly High Creatinine Serious

Patient: I was told to have CKD, and my Creatinine Level in the blood is out of the normal range, but just a littler higher than the normal value. Is that serious?
Doctor: Yes, it is serious because creatinine level in our blood does not increase at all if there are mild kidney damages.
Creatinine is a kind of end product of our body and the level of them in the blood is kept in a stable range in normal condition. Extra creatinine is secreted by our kidneys, so when kidney damages appear, creatinine level in the blood increases; however, usually only when at least a half of kidneys are damaged, can creatinin level increases.
Although your creatinine level is slightly high now, your kidneys actually have been damaged seriously. If you do not receive effective treatment, your creatinine level will increase little by little and finally to the level that need dialysis or kidney transplant.

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