Monday, March 11, 2013

What does Creatinine Level 1.6 Mean

When doing physical examination, some people are told that there is something wrong with kidney and the creatinine is 1.6, which makes people feel concerned and want to know how serious it is.
Firstly, creatinine we usually mention means serum creatinine, which exists in serum and is the metabolism products and should have been discharged out of the body into urine. So in normal condition, the level of serum creatinine is lower than that of urine creatinine and the total amount of creatinine is certain. In addition, the normal level of serum creatinine in most of labs is 0.5 to 1.2, which indicates that serum creatinine 1.6 is higher.
Kidney has a function of compensation, which means that after some renal glomerulus are damaged or fail to work, other healthy renal glomerulus will replace them and do more work, in which case, the creatinine will not rise. So after we find out the creatinine level rises, it indicates that the GFR( glomerular filtration rate) decreases already.
So patients become into a critical stage. If treated well, the condition can reverse. The principle is that we should repair the damaged intrinsic cells thus stopping the rising of serum creatinine further. In addition, we should also try to clear away the toxins in the body and increase the immunity, thus preventing the recurrence of high creatinine. In Kidney Disease Hospital, we apply immunotherapy and for more information, please consult us online or leave a message.

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